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For up to 99 people for up to 24 hours using high-quality video. First find a free time slot by checking our events list or calendar, then click here to find out how to schedule your conference.

Who Organises this Site

Coventry Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation created this site because the Coronavirus and COVID-19 meant that it is impossible to hold face-to-face meetings, so people need to run teleconferences.

We found that the quality of Skype meetings leaves a lot to be desired. There are frequent gaps in the sound and the pictures frequently freeze.

Experiment showed that Zoom provides far better quality, and it also provides free teleconferences. But if more than two people talk, the conversation is limited to 20 minutes.

So we decided to take out a paid subscription and offer to host teleconferences to any community group in Coventry.

We give priority to groups who have some connection with peace and reconciliation and, taken in it’s broadest interpretation, that covers a lot of meetings. But we will also host meetings for any community group, and that can include teams, religious groups, schools, friends, neighbours, almost anybody.

Preference will also be given to teleconference organisers who live or work in Coventry, although we will also consider applications from people based elsewhere.

Please visit our “Read This First” page and find out how to organise or take part in a teleconference.

Contact Us

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